community service

Community service


This summer I got involved with 2 community activities in Hoxie Kansas. I participated in Hoxie’s community garden and there snacks and lunches for children. Both are great opportunities to network with people in the community, and really get to learn about how active the community is.

I volunteered for the brand new community garden, which gives people to opportunity to not only grow and nurture plants but giving others in the community the opportunity to use the fresh products in the garden. I got to weed and water in the mornings for however long I desired. I really enjoyed being a part of it. I have worked in a garden every summer for the last 6 years so getting back into gardening has been a blessing. Not only do I get to help a community grow, I’m getting to enjoy an activate I was afraid I was going to miss this summer.

I also got to work in the community through lunches and snacks for children. Monday would be prep to get ready for the week. Then Tuesdays and Thursdays were the lunches for kids at the pool. Any kid and parent could come and enjoy the meal being served from 12 to 1. Then on Wednesday it would just be snacks from 3:30 to 4. It was a very interesting program but I enjoyed talking to parents and interacting with children outside of my internship for children’s theater.

It had been a very enjoyable summer of working in a community other than my own.


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