Community Service

Every community has some tie that binds people together; in small communities that tie seems to be volunteerism and people who serve the community from the goodness of their hearts. Baca county has some of the best community servants I know. Right now, the Baca County Fair Board and 4-H leaders are volunteering many hours to get ready for the county fair. Throughout the year organizations like the Salvation Army, Ministerial Alliance, food bank, and many others try to ensure the people of Baca County are provided with necessities, as well as opportunities for fun.

This summer I completed my community service hours through two organizations I have grown up in. I was able to help with a 4-H Cloverbud Camp in June. We had about a dozen kids for part of a day and used that time to teach about what is needed for plants to grow. I really enjoyed that day because I got to spend the day with five to seven-year-old kids and see them learn and try new things. I also enjoy helping with the 4-H program any way I can because I have been around the program my entire life and last year I got to spend my summer putting on day camps like the Cloverbud Camp I helped with this summer, so I have been able to see the opportunities for growth that 4-H offers.

I finished off my community service hours by volunteering at the Salvation Army on a Saturday the store was open for shopping. This one I have also grown up in- my mom was one of the founding executive board members and is still in that role today. I usually run the cash volunteer at the store because it really levels the playing field for community members. People of any SES come in and shop for the same things. I also like it because most of the profit from the store goes to help people in Baca County through ministries like gas vouchers for medical travel, school supplies for children who need it, and a dozen more.

Community service and volunteers are an integral part of Baca County and I am thankful that I got to complete my hours in two of my favorite organizations.

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