Community Service

When I was told I needed to do ten hours of community service before the commencement of my internship, I was flooded with fear because I was not sure what I was going to do. I talked to individuals at Citizens Medical Center and around my community. I found three wonderful jobs that I was able to help with that got me into the community in which I live. My internship is in Colby, Kansas but I did my community service hours around Oakley, Kansas. For the first 3 hours of community service I chose to help roof a man’s house. I helped with nailing down shingles and then with the cleanup of picking up all the old shingles that were on the ground. When the group re-roofed the house, the ground was too soft so they were unable to pitch the old into a dumpster as they went so it was thrown on the ground. The next 2 hours were spent working the contestant and stock gait at the Logan County Fair Rodeo. I was able to communicate with individuals of the community as they were gaining admission into the stands. Not only did I get to talk to community members but also newcomers to the area for the night. The next 5 hours of my community service I ran the compact and minivan registration at the Logan County Fair Demolition Derby. As individuals traveled from all across the state of Kansas to enter into the “demo derby,” I was the first person they met. My duty was to ask the driver if he had pre-registered or not, sign the waiver, and then have them fill out the information sheet. I then would next inform them where the parking was for their class. I also got to put wrist bands on everyone that came through.

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