Community Service

For my communty service that was part of my internship qualification through Ogallala Commons, me and a fellow intern from Todd Agriculture Consulting LLC. Due to our limited time of availability we decided pick up trash and litter around a local elementary school in Lubbock, Texas. This type of community service made the most sense based on our busy schedules. Another reason we decided to clean up around a school is because of the high volume of trash found in our community and the world we live in today. Another reason we decided to concentrate our community service on local schools is that these parts of the community are much more than just a school, and way than just a building. These schools are producing the next generation of people. These kids go to school not just to learn but to learn about becoming better citizens, and help build our community. while learning how to become better citizens, these kids should not be surrounded by trash and litter, because if they see that other people have thrown trash outside, they might think it is okay for themselves to also litter. Once we were equiped with our trash recepticales and neon saftey vest, my fellow intern and I went to action. Our goals were to clean up around the Elementary School; we did this by picking up any litter that we saw, and placed it in a nearby dumpster, recycling bin, or trash can. This type of community service made me feelgood inside, because I knew that I made a direct impact not only on the neighborhood that I live, but also the students at the elementary school. After many hours spent working on cleaning up around the school it felt good being able to see what was once trashed filled fences, school yards, and playgrounds. Seeing these kids swing on the swings and slide down trash free playgrounds, made my time more rewarding. The challenge of this type or any type of community service is finding the time to donate time and effort into something that doesnot always impact you, but impacts your community. This being said trash was not the most plesent thing to be around. picking up cans, wrappers, and other littered items was not the most fun thing to be doing on Saturdays and Sundays. After being able to see a clean place where kids play was very self rewarding.






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