Community Service

For my community service, I did one job that was very time-consuming. I was called to be on team for a church retreat that took place this summer. It is called a Teen ACTS retreat, and the one I went to was in Amarillo, Texas. Before the actually retreat, the team met almost every Sunday. I attended 18 meetings that were each three hours long. Our first meeting was sometime in February, and the retreat occurred at the end of June. During all these weeks we just prepared spiritually and also got all the plans set up for the retreat. Finally, it was time for the retreat. It started on Thursday evening, June 29. It was just a four day retreat, and so it ended on Sunday, July 2. The retreat was amazing, and everything went great. I had a great time, and I hope I get to be on team again. I choose this community service project because it was something that I am passionate about so I really enjoyed doing it, and really put my heart into it. The best part of doing this community service was that I got to help others grow stronger in their faith, and I grew stronger in my faith as well. It helped benefit not only other teenagers, but myself as well. The most challenging part of this community service was the time commitment. It was definitely hard to go up to Amarillo every Sunday when I had other tasks I could be doing instead. I also had to miss out on some events that were happening on some of the Sundays because I was already committed to ACTS. In the end though, I was really glad that I decided to stick with Teen ACTS because it was a great experience for me, and I had a great time doing it.

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