Community Service

I decided to drive home to Waco, Texas one weekend in June we had off to visit my mother for her birthday. While I was down there, my grandfather called and stated he needed help picking black eyed peas in their patch for people in the community. This was a great experience knowing I was helping feed people I didn’t even know. My next community service experience was on the eve of July 4th when a storm hit Plainview leaving us crop scouts with no work due to the wet conditions. I decided this would be a good time to stop by the Plainview Pet Adoption Center and ask if they needed help with anything. A lady inside told me they needed help adopting cats out to people during the Fourth of July parade downtown. Although I do not like cats, I kindly accepted her offer. I helped set up a tent by the courthouse and visited with people walking by about cat adoptions. They had 6 cats there in cages for people to see and 3 of the cats were adopted by the end of the day. The pet adoption crew seemed excited about the turn out. My thirdand final community service experience came on another rained out day as I drove to the South Plains food bank and my assignment there was to package peaches for those in need. This seemed like busy work at the time but I knew somebody would benefit from it in the end. All three projects appear to be random but they all taught a valuable lesson and that is: when you are not busy, you could always be doing something to help others. I could’ve easily rested during these days off, but I chose to go help others in need and found that to be very rewarding.


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