Community Service

We were required to do ten hours of community service for our internship. I actually did about twenty-seven and a half hours. The first ten hours I served for was the Tulia Chamber of Commerce Fourth of July Golf Tournament. The Chamber Director Larry (Happy) Cole asked me to help and I agreed to help. What I did was sign contestants in and rent golf carts, if contestants didn’t bring their own cart. Hung up sponsors signs and handed out water bottles. This fit with my internship rather well because with learning to what an extension agent they need to be visible and help with community activities and this was one. The best part was I got to see the first ever hole in one at this golf tournament. the most challenging was signing people in because every team had a team number but shared the same tee box number so renting golf carts to two team nines but was actually team nine and eighteen was a little confusing. The part that impacted me the most was how many people I meet from tournament still remembers me and knows I’m apart of the community.

The next seventeen and a half hours was for vacation bible school for First Baptist Church of Happy. I choose this service because I already help teach the kids on Wednesday, and it fits with the spirituality, education, and sense of place areas in commonwealth. I helped the music director teach the kids the movements to the songs they had to perform. The best part was watching the kids praise their creator, and the most challenging part was trying to get some of the kids to do the movements. This impacted me to show me church is very much apart of sense of place as well as spirituality.

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