Community Service


   I chose to help with the Aaron ross scholarship bike ride for my ten hours of community service. I chose to help with this project because the event was started to honor a Tulia high school student  in a biking accident, help high school graduates, and bring people with the same common interests together all set the same time, which to me is an amazing thing to be apart of. While I was helping I did things like cutting and bagging fruit, filled bags for bikers, helped set up, worked a rest stop, and helped clean up after the event was over. The best part of helping with the bike ride was deffinatly getting to meet all the different people who came out to Tulia to ride and hearing all the amazing compliments about how great the ride was! All the particapents had a blast and they loved talking to people about things that happened while they were riding. The most challenging part was when we were all trying to get things ready. We were constantly bumping into eachother trying to do things and everybody was talking over eachother to ask many questions. This did make it kind of frustrating but we turned it into a learning experience to make next years bike ride that much better. This experiance has opened my eyes. It showed me that putting together a large event takes a lot of work! Many people put aside their daily lives to make sure this event moved as smoothly as possible. Preparing for an event like this took a lot of time. This event is most definitely one of my favorites to help with. I had an amazing time with all the people I worked with and visited with. I hope I can keep helping with the bike ride in the future!

Below is the link for the Aaron ross scholarship bike ride!

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