Community Service

I finally completed my commmunity service hours! I couldn’t really decide what I wanted to do, or where I wanted to help out at. After thinking about it for a while I finally decided on the nusring home. I wanted to do something good, something to improve someones day and make them happy. When I first started at the nursing home. I was doing a morning coffee club, I would make coffee and cookies and play some older music. Everyone would come in there and talk to me. I always heard atleast 5 life stories eachtime I went. I even heard their sad love stories.

After the second tiime going there I hosted a movie night on the same day as coffee club. We would decide on a movie, put it in, and serve popcorn with juice. They really ejoyed this. Working at the nursing home was a real eye opener for me, I learned alot from what the people there would tell me. Working there made me see things differently in life, and appreciate the small things.

After I worked there, I decided to go to the Senior Citizens Place to volunteer for the Meals On Wheels Program,  and see of they needed any assistance there and sure enough they did. During this internship I worked there for a week, so I already knew what to do. When I went to volunteer I made friends with all of the staff, as well as the people we delivered food to. Doing my community service at both of these place was  a real eye opener for me. I saw things in a different perspective, and learned to appreciate more things as well as be thankful for what i do have. We always take advantage of all the little things, such as walking. I’ve learned to just be more grateful.

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