Community Projects for the benefit of LA

For my community project, I decided to complete a variety of activities around town.

First off, our parking lot at Las Animas High School has been in disrepair for a countless number of years. Being the new High School president, I decided that our school was in need of a more aesthetic look. Gathering a few of my officers, we grabbed some extra paint that the school had and got to work. I would have to say one of the hardest challenges we faced was the heat. Being in 100 degree plus weather this summer, we had to take multiple breaks; sometimes only a couple of the blocks of the parking lot in a day, because of the heat beating down onto us. We haven’t gotten it all done yet, but we finally got the front row done after many hours of work.

Our whole plan for the parking lot was, with a small charge, to paint everyone’s names into each block, causing them to have their own parking space for the 2016-17 school year. It’s definitely a project I would enjoy considering again.

My second community project was more geared towards the town. Being the President of the Future Business Leaders of America as well, we decided to put up U.S. Flags at businesses that would like them during the summer holidays. For Memorial Day, Flag Day, and Independence Day, we all woke up at 6am to get over to the Church of Friends, who happily keeps our flags in stow. I borrowed my Grandpa’s pickup and loaded all of the flags up to put downtown and at businesses. In the end, the town was practically covered in red, white, and blue. Not only did it bring some aesthetic into town, but it also brought a sense of patriotism.

One challenge we found about putting flags up was how to get them places. For example, there is a large cowboy statue on the bend of the highway, and previous FBLA leaders have put one there for a number of years. Getting the flag up there, however, was definitely a hassle. I had to climb up an 8 foot wall to heave the flag in its place (and believe me,  being a little over five foot, I have no clue how it happened). Overall, however, it was a good deed, and I am certainly proud of all our accomplishments.


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