Community Project Year 2

Service, defined by the dictionary as “the act of helping or doing work for someone”, is this defined concept but so much more. Many may think it involves payment, which it does in some cases, but many believe it is a form of punishment when in reality it is about helping another or giving back to a community or other entity. Community service, specifically, is one of these topics that people have various outlooks on; for me it is all about giving back, all about showing kindness and care for others, and dedicating yourself to the process.

For my community project, I chose to help for a second year with the fundraiser put on by my church annually. This event enables the church to provide outreach and aide to those in the community, and immediately is an event than can be enjoyed by members or non-members of the church and the general public with various food and drink options and live music as well.

The annual church Jamaica is something I have been exposed to all my life, my family has had a stand selling aguas frescas for longer than I have been alive. In past years I would help very lightly and spend most of the time kicked back and relaxing; In more recent years, specifically last year, I began to take a greater initiative in the entire process. From prepping fruit and other ingredients to cleaning the booth and doing other pre-tasks, to the actual service of those who come to the event and interacting with them, I really engrained myself in the event and process. The most challenging aspect for me personally, was interacting and serving the attendees. I have always been a bit shyer, but now with my experiences in college and in life, I have been able to open up more and turned my struggle into a time to practice my interaction skills with others.

I ultimately chose this fundraiser as my project because, because I knew the outreach to the community the church has is large, and I knew that I could help make a difference. I really had to use my communication and listening skills to make sure everything went accordingly, especially when I began selling the drinks to the customers. I also had to use patience, because at times, being that it was all family, we got a bit frustrated, but patience was key. I enjoyed this very much and am very thankful for the opportunity to give back to the community and be apart of the process once again!

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