Community Hours

    The Oyate Techa youth center in Kyle has been apart of my life since I was twelve, it grew into a center that manages classes for sewing, arts and crafts, and classes on agriculture and the community. I actually didn’t even expect to get my community service hours completed the day I volunteered, I was on my way to the gym and stopped at the youth center to pick up some cousins, and we ended up being there right on time to see that they could use some help. I was in my workout clothes already so I figured I’d get a workout in either way. I volunteered to move out furniture, supplies and shelves, then swept and washed the floors. After we moved back everything I helped rearranged that storage room into a food processing area, which meant we set up a display shelf for packaged produce to be stocked for sale, as well as rearranged refrigerators, freezers and a table saw. It is now a station that takes raw produce from the neighboring garden to clean, package, and store for the members of the center, and also to sell any extra produce. I was very excited and fortunate to complete my hours at the youth center in Kyle. I remember participating in games and different programs for gardening, first aid, and leadership so it was a good time for me just being back. I liked seeing how much everything had changed and it was great to help change it again once more. I feel lucky to be affiliated with people that work at the youth center as I remember many of them who were working in the gardens way before there was any equipment for plowing and cutting grass, it’s good to see how far they have come.

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