Community and traditions

Common wealth in the community consists of many assets. One of the asset’s beginning with soil and mineral. Oklahoma has a lot of oil drilling, and natural gas drilling, and usually the oil and gas companies find the resources they are looking for in my community. Many individuals are for and against drilling. Some individuals lease out their allotments to gain revenue, and others decline and keep the land as is…

Another asset begins with leisure and recreation. Most youth and adolescent in my community dance traditionally, sing our Ponca songs in the churches, peyote meetings, sweat lodge ceremonies, and at our dances. Others play sports like, soccer, basketball, football, baseball, track, soft ball, and choir! The boys have a traditional game in my tribe called, shinny! The shiny games are played with two goals. One goal is on the east side, and the other goal is on the west side. The game is played in the month of April. The game is only played on Sundays. The players have sticks made out of dog wood, or willows, and the four balls are made out of animal hides. Each ball is different sizes. The balls have XL, l, m, and small. The game is over when they get to the small ball.

Last asset I’d like to present is…spirituality! As I mentioned earlier, the youth and adolescent attend the sweat lodges, peyote meetings and churches from the community, or other communities nearby! The dances are both spiritual, and social. Many of our people stay in contact with our creator in all they do. By putting out tobacco for protection and healing, to saying prayers for everyone and everything we do, and wanting a good positive healthy life. Especially for our children.

In conclusion, the value of the community wealth is being healthy, well, supportive, social, spiritual, positive resources, and staying focus to promote all social issues, and try to make the community a better place for our future generations to come!



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