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When people here the name of my home town, they give me a funny look; the word itself is a bit odd, Muleshoe. People usually ask what the town is near, and the best answer, is nothing, it is a place where the nearest decent sized city is about 30 miles away and the smell of manure runs through the windy skies. Muleshoe may not seem like it has much to offer, but it is a town steep in culture, sense of community, education, wildlife, medicine, and history. 

The town was founded in 1913 when the railroad connecting the west to Lubbock was created. The railways are still in constant use, and it never fails that you hear the horn of a train passing by all hours of the day. We have a special statue near the intersection of our two main highways, “Pete the Mule,” he has an odd back story, but signifies work ethic of the creature, of the people of the town.

 So, the smell of manure may be a turn off to some, but for me, it reminds me of home. The region surrounding Muleshoe is filled with dairy after dairy, and feed yards all round. This is a huge part of the economy of the area, and contributes vastly to the soil and mineral cycle, as well as the foodshed. Without the manure from these animals, there would be no replenishment of key minerals for the crops that surround the town as well, and without crops or the dairy and farm animals, we would not have the same amount of food that we do. Sure, we could get it shipped to the town like we do with some things, but that would increase our dependence on outside sources and increase emissions in our environment. Muleshoe is home to these domestic plants and animals, and a variety of non-domesticated animals. The region surrounding the town is home to the Muleshoe National Wildlife Refuge, and this area is home to all sorts of birds, mammals, plants, and other organisms that thrive in more semi-arid to arid environments.

Muleshoe has a lot more to offer than most think and is home to a thriving school system and medical practices as well as leisure opportunities. Muleshoe has two elementary schools, a junior high, and one high school with graduating classes ranging from around 70 to 110. Muleshoe is home to two medical clinics, and a medical hospital with clinic and emergency room, as well as a veterinary office, and nursing home. Muleshoe is also full of leisure activities, with a country club, two city parks, a 2-mile running trail, a city pool, and other amenities.

Muleshoe is more than what it seems, and is a place that will forever be in my heart.

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