Commonweath in tulia america

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Although there are twelve Commonwealth Assets provided in every community, today I will discuss four assets I believe are primarily beneficial to the community of Tulia.

The Soil and Mineral Cycle is displayed through farming and gardening in the community of Tulia. Farming is a well-known activity for the families of Tulia including my own. A majority of the families here in Tulia, rely on farming for their income as well as personal usage. Below is the prime example of a common crop in Tulia known as cotton. A majority of the farmers in Tulia and the surrounding areas grow and harvest cotton. Gardening is also important to the farmers and many others in the community of Tulia. There are privately owned gardens as well as community gardens for those to grow fresh vegetables in the community of Tulia.

Cotton Farm
Cotton Farm

In the community of Tulia, History is represented through the Swisher County Museum and the marked trails of Quanah Parker.. The Swisher County Museum highlights the history of Swisher County and the surrounding areas with artifacts and photos taken years ago. Throughout the community of Tulia there are large arrows sticking in the ground. These arrows are the marked trails of Quanah Parker and help give Tulia that extra spark of history that other towns do not have.

Spirituality is presented through the variety of churches located in the community of Tulia and the personal relationships that the community shares. In Tulia, there are a variety of different churches as well as different religions that help make the spirituality special. Personal relationships are also very important to the spirituality of Tulia. Although the religions may be different one thing Tulia does poses is close personal relationships. Being a small town, the community knows pretty much everyone and encouragement and support from the community is strong. This also ties in the having a sense of place. Knowing that the community is there for me in my decisions and will help me when needed makes me feel like I am at home.

Heath is shown through the YMCA, Swisher Memorial Hospital, Massage Therapist, and the Local Pool in the community of Tulia. One aspect that is highly important to me is the Swisher Memorial Hospital. Being in the medical field and knowing that the community of Tulia has heath care professions who truly care about the health of the community means a great deal to me. I hope that someday, I can be one of those health care professions and make an impact on my community. The YMCA is also important to me. It provides a place for the community to obtain personal health and wellness which is also very important. Without the YMCA and the pool, the community would either have to travel to receive that physical fitness or they would do nothing. Below is a picture of the Tulia YMCA.

Tulia YMCA
Tulia YMCA

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