Commonwealth: What every small community has within

In the small town we live in of Tulia, Texas, it is very easy to see why the twelve keys assets of commonwealth are needed to form a community. One of the twelve key assets that stands out the most to us is Food Shed. Our business, MV Produce, is about providing the community with fresh local produce that is pesticide and herbicide free.  This allows the community to eat fresh local produce that is chemical free and allows for a healthier life style.  Tulia also has a community garden project that allows the citizens to grow and produce their own fresh vegetables.  The program also provides multiple sizes of plots and free water that allows the grower to grow without a lot of added cost.   Through the use of local farmer markets, CSA programs, and community raised beds programs; Tulia has the ability to provide its citizens with fresh local produce that helps support the community.

Another important key asset to commonwealth is health. Health plays an important role in our community as well as in all communities. Tulia has the Swisher Memorial Hospital, WIC, Massage Therapist, and the YMCA, all focusing on the health and well being of our community. Tulia also has medical, dental, and vision clinics all located within town which makes it easy for you to get the care you need without having to leave town. Our small community also has a nursing home to support our elderly citizens, so that their family can see them without having to travel to far.

To conclude another key asset to commonwealth located in Tulia is Spirituality, and Tulia has a diverse variety of churches located within in our community. This  Gives the community a place to practice their religious beliefs and form a bond with others in the church. This connection between religious beliefs and bonds formed at the church help the community to come together and form a place of being.

community Gardens

Local grown produce

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