Commonwealth of Woodland Park

The commonwealth of a community is what sets it apart from the others. Each town or city has a different type of community, built from different cultures or history. However, despite these different beginnings all these communities share similar aspects. One part of commonwealth that I have noticed throughout Colorado is our pride, our pride in our state and who we are. One major source of pride for Woodland Park is our local farmers market. A farmer’s market provides fresh produce from local farms and other food from local bakeries and venders. People come every market to get fresh vegetables for the week, bread, or maybe a small treat to share as a family.

The Woodland Park Farmers Market also creates a sense of the culture in the community. The markets provide a meeting place for people in town to come and see people and get caught up with there friends whom they haven’t seen in a while.  Local musicians come every week and perform throughout the day, adding to the ambience of the market place. Benches and tables are located under the pavilion for people to sit and eat. Joining the crowd there are also some hidden talents that are being showcased through the market. Local artists come to the market, filling the sidewalk with chalk drawings. All of these add color, culture and art to our small town, helping our community to stand apart from those around us.

Woodland Parks market is also a historical part of the community. It started in 1990 and has been going strong for 28 years. Starting with maybe 10 venders it has grown to over 100 venders circulating through the market during the summer season. The community surrounding the market is what made this farmers market apart of our towns history. Without the communities support the market never would have survived. Now the market is a staple of the community and something that the town looks forward to every year. The market has helped to make Woodland Park what it is today, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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