commonwealth of arnold

The rolling hills north of Arnold.
The rolling hills north of Arnold.

The town of Arnold, Nebraska, has a plethora of Commonwealth assets. For such a small community, there are a surprising amount of resources that can be reinvested into the community for a long future. Development has always been one of the main goals of Arnold, and the commonwealth assets that it holds shows that the cause has been successful so far.

As a farming community, the soil and mineral cycle and the foodshed of Arnold are some of its largest assets. The farmers carefully watch the soil to ensure that it can be used in the future, as well as so that this year’s crop will be successful. Corn is the main crop in the area and the foodshed is distributed through the town and to other areas that buy the resulting product. Much of the alfalfa and grass hay of the area is used for the animals, which are a main staple of this area as well. Many farmers also own cattle, and there is a feed yard a ways out of town. The Farmer’s Market is a popular event during the summer. A few of the residents garden during the year to sell at the Farmer’s Market, which distributes homegrown food throughout the community. As for renewable energy, Arnold has talked about a wind farm, but the idea has not been able to be accepted by enough members of the community. The water cycle of Arnold is very important to those living here. The rain drainage system in the town actually meets at one large ditch to the south of town, and is spread into a few of the many cornfields. Arnold also has a water treatment plant in the south section that effectively helps the town to reuse its water resources.

The history of Arnold is apparent throughout the town. Many of the original buildings still exist, and many of those have been refinished to look newer, yet still original. On one of the buildings, the old Oshkosh painted sign has been repainted as of last summer to look original. Quite a few books about the history of Arnold are available to use in the stores and are read often by the members of the community. Part of the history of Arnold has revolved around healthcare. As of now, we have a clinic that operates a few days a week and a fitness center that is open 24 hours a day. Arnold also has a new aesthetician that helps the health of the community.

The recently painted original lettering on a downtown building.
The recently painted original lettering on a downtown building.

The small Nebraska community has an incredible amount of spirituality and sense of place.  From the rolling hills to “Devil’s Den,” which are canyons on the north side of town, Arnold’s sense of place is encompassing to those living and visiting here. With the Sandhills so near, Arnold is a unique and beautiful area in Nebraska that also offers many leisure and recreational areas. One of those areas is the state park that has a lake that just finished its rehabilitation this year. Arnold also boasts smaller parks such as the city park and a small garden in the middle of downtown, next to the theater. Arnold is a very tight-knit community and there are a few gathering places around town including the coffee shop and the small convenience store called “Mighty Mart.” Those living within the community are very involved in each other’s lives and are always there to help each other.

The rains this year really made a difference.
The rains this year really made a difference to the community.

Arnold is an amazing area with many assets that will ensure its growth into the future. The people living here are such a close group and are willing to do what it takes to make the community thrive. It is easy to love a place that is so beautiful and full of life.

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