Commonwealth in Silverton

By: Elisha Saez

The community of Silverton is very small but offers all types of commonwealth key assets. Commonwealth is the building foundation for the community and helps to build the future. There are twelve key assets to commonwealth in a community they consist of Education, Health, Leisure and recreation, History, Sense of Place , Water cycle, Arts and culture, Wildlife and natural world, Soil and mineral cycle, Food shed, Renewable energy, and Spirituality. A great example of education in Silverton would be the school. The school offers great programs and activities for the youth that attend the school to partake in. A good example of health in the town would be the Silverton Clinic.

The clinic is trying to keep everyone in town safe and provide the medical needs that everyone needs. History is also represented in Silverton here is a memorial next to the town hall that pays tribute to all the soldiers that are now veterans as well as the ones that lost their lives in World War I, World War II, And the Vietnam War. The Night Owl Coffee Shop is an example of arts and culture. Culture is expressed by art on the side of the Night Owl and is interesting to all who see the mural on the side. Another good example would be all the wind turbines all around the city representing renewable energy. These wind turbines help deliver power to the city and places all around. Silverton is a great community filled with lovely people who are willing to help the commonwealth thrive.

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