CommonweaLth in my coMmunity


This week as I was exploring my community, I noticed how beautiful Tribune really is. We have just recently added a statue to Pride Park, and we have a veterans memorial site, an amazing museum that was once the court house here in town, and many many more. I really hope that as a community, we can come together and add new things that will also really make Tribune a more welcoming and beautiful place to live. One of the main parts of Tribune, are farmers and harvest. We also have many people that have their own gardens, and grow their own vegetables and fruits. We have just recently had our very first Farmers’ Market, it included some home grown things, and baked goods. Another main part of Tribune is the fair. I absolutely love the county fair, because every year you get to see all the floats, and booths 4-H groups and community businesses have put together for everyone to see and enjoy. Every year, people around the community volunteer and help run the carnival rides fair kitchen. In my first few weeks as an intern, I got the chance to read the History of Greeley County books. By reading parts of those books, I learned more and more about how Tribune came together to become to town it is now. Being Western Kansas doesn’t get much rainfall throughout the year, we rely mostly on the Ogallala Aquifer, and other places to irrigate our crops so we can have a successful harvest. Throughout my blog, I’ve really talked about how everyone in Tribune comes together and helps to make it the best it can be. I love my community, and how it has really grown throughout the years, and how it keeps growing.

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