Commonwealth in My Community

Throughout this summer I was able to experience aspects of the Commonwealth Assets Chart. Two of the most prominent ones would be art and culture and a sense of place. Holyoke is a small town that has created a tight knit community. Creating the ability to stay connected and feel like they can do things together. While helping with Root Beer Float Wednesdays for the Holyoke Chamber of Commerce I was able to see the impact on community members. Many enjoyed the opportunity to visit with one another. There are several people who take part in golf tournaments or do it weekly. This provides a time for those to get together especially if they are friends or were once coworkers. Another major part is the tradition that we have created.
Two major parts of the summer is the annual car show Dandelion Daze hosted by the Holyoke Chamber and Fair. Dandelion Daze is an opportunity for both kids and adults to have. This year there were some new editions but the one aspect that has stayed the same is the car show. It is a favorite for many to see the cars. It also allows vendors a chance to show their creations or foods to others. During the fair there are several aspects that are fun for all ages to partake. People especially kids have the opportunity to enter their art, food, Lego, and quilts. This is also a time for kids to partake in showing their animals. There is also every night of fair a different type of race or event like bull riding. Both of these events are few ways for the community to get together and to continue traditions that are important to Holyoke.

Dandelion Daze Car Show picture by Holyoke Enterprise
Art entries at the Phillips County Fair picture by Phillips County Family Education Services

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