Commonwealth in my community

Quitaque, Texas may be a small community, but in this community there are many unique places and unique histories. One example of this is our education. We have a school located between Turkey and Quitaque and have about a number of 200 kids at the school. Valley school is unique in a number of ways. One example of this is: the people that work at our school. The teachers and the faculty are generous and helpful. If they can ever help in a situation they do. They always participate in any fundraiser for anyone or anything. The best part about being in a small school is everyone knows you and you know them. Another part of education is the Caprock Public Library in town. I have worked here for two weeks and my supervisor has taught me tons of important things that I need to learn for the future. I have learned to talk clearly and speak through eye contact working here. The library has hundreds of books including books about the town itself. Another example of commonwealth in this community is our history. We have a museum in town called the ” Comanchero Canyons Museum”. This museum has ancient history about the Indians that lived here back in the 1700’s. This museum has ancient artifacts that include: arrowheads, buffalo skins, and other ancient findings. The Bob Wills center that is located in Turkey, Texas is also a huge part of our history. Bob Wills is a museum that portrays the life of Bob Wills himself. There are pictures and memorabilia from Bob Wills when he was alive. A sense of place that we have in our community is the State Park. This park has been open since 1982 and is still running swell. There are camping sites, trail ways, fishing areas, and buffalo sightings. We have a lot of wildlife here in Quitaque. The canyons are a big part of our wildlife. With their rocky and steep mountains, it is an unbelievable sight. People from around the country come to see these beautiful mountains. The bison herd is also a big part of our wildlife. These buffalo are located in the Caprock Canyons State Park. Time to time, people will be fishing, camping, or even driving and a herd of buffalo will be located somewhere around them. It is an amazing sight to see. The plants we have here are also a big part in our wildlife. In the State Park are millions of old plants from the 1900’s and different varieties of them as well. In our community, people gather together to see the beauty and culture we have.

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