Commonwealth in Dodge City

Dodge City may not seem very interesting from the outside, but if you take time to learn about the many commonwealth aspects within the town, you will gain a whole new appreciation for it. There are many examples of all twelve of the commonwealth assets in Dodge City. The most interesting commonwealth assets to me include history, education, foodshed, and leisure and recreation.

Dodge City carries a whole lot of history. There are so many visitors who come through our town every year. I didn’t notice just how many people visit Dodge until I started working at the Development Corporation. Dodge City is famous for Boot Hill Museum. The museum showcases the Indian Tribes and their reliance on the buffalo in the area. It also has a lot of information about the cowboys who resided in Dodge City. I got the privilege to go visit Boot Hill last week. Every time I go, I feel like it is my first time there. They put on a great reenactment of the gunfights that used to occur in the saloons. If you have not been to Boot Hill, definitely put it on your bucket list. It is such an amazing experience.

Dodge City has nine elementary schools, three middle schools, one high school, and a Junior College. It is crazy to think that kids from nine elementary schools all end up at one high school. We have great access to education. I work with the REWA coordinator during my internship. REWA stands for Rural Education and Workforce Alliance. REWA brings many different trainings to Dodge that help businesses in the community learn about things such as how to do taxes, how to become a good employee, and how to effectively market their business. REWA also brings in programs from four-year universities to give people the opportunity to get different certifications and degrees in Dodge. REWA is an awesome program and it has been a privilege to see what goes on behind the scenes to make everything happen.

REWA Classroom

Foodshed is a huge part of Dodge City. We are home to two major packing plants that feed thousands of people across the United States. We are also fortunate enough to be getting a Hilmar Cheese Processing Plant. This will bring so many more people to Dodge. It is a huge project that will not be fully operational until 2024. I have also gotten to see some of the behind-the-scenes work on the Hilmar Cheese Plant. It seriously takes a village to make things happen!

Leisure and Recreation are very common in Dodge City. We are home to more than twenty parks. Dodge City is also home to the Long Branch Lagoon Waterpark. The waterpark is very fun for all ages and is a great family adventure. There are also many softball, baseball, soccer, and football fields. I personally spend way too much time at the softball and baseball fields. Dodge City does a good job of making sure there are plenty of leisure and recreation activities for everyone to enjoy.

These four commonwealth assets along with the other eight help make Dodge City a successful town with a great atmosphere! The more that I work in the Development Corporation, the more I learn about Dodge City and the amazing things that go on inside of it. I am so grateful for the opportunity to learn more about the community that raised me through my internship.

Rocelyn Miller

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