Commonwealth in Canyon

I have lived in Canyon for three years now. So I have witnessed twelve key assets around my home over the years but didn’t realize how important they were to the commonwealth of my home. The twelve key assets are what make up commonwealth and they are-

Education. We have lots of schools around here, Canyon school district is so big that it has two high schools! There is even a college here!

Health. In Canyon there is a walk in doctors office than is open 24/7 and they are building a hospital.

Leisure and Recreation. Many people around here enjoy going to the square were you can sit on the benches or go shopping, there is my favorite place called Rock and Roll Soda Shop and most people in enjoy Palace Coffee. Or you can go to one of the two parks we have in town.

Spirituality. Most of canyon attends First Baptist Church on 4th avenue near the square but there are other churches that people attend around here, and during the summer a lot of kids I go to school with have book club which is where you read and discussion biblical books with your peers, there is also church camp which is a whole lot of fun.

History. The old courthouse 20160715_155942[1]in the center of the square is a major part of canyon. Also if you drive the streets of canyon you will see brick roads and historical markers.

Sense of Place. I know that canyon feels like home o me. I have lived in the panhandle for most of my life and I don’t plan on ever moving very far away.

Arts and Culture. In parades around here you are more than likely to see cowboys riding their horses through streets, which is a big part of the culture here.

Water Cycle. This is where we struggle. The water here is being used faster than it is being replaced, it is a big problem that I hope is solved.

Wildlife and Natural World. Around here I see lots of rabbits, horny toads and bermuda grass

Food-Shed. EverFB_IMG_1468438731032[1]y week there is a farmers market at the square. I have not been able to go yet but hopefully I will soon. I am interning with Justin Trammell who raises free range chickens to sell at he farmers market and maybe we could take some crops some time.

Renewable Energy. The wind is always blowing here so now a days a lot of energy comes from wind farms where there are tons and tons of wind turbines.

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