Commonwealth in Amarillo

Cinergy – Amarillo in Amarillo, Texas. Photo taken in September 2018.

By: Gwyneth Shaddon

There are many examples of commonwealth in Amarillo Texas. Being a decent-sized city, it is easier to find more examples of commonwealth than in a smaller city. One prominent part of commonwealth seen in Amarillo is Health. Health is seen in the many hospitals located in Amarillo. For example, there is Northwest Texas Hospital, BSA Hospital, and Vibra Hospital. But along with that there are several Urgent Care centers around the city for those who need care but do not necessarily need to go to the hospital emergency room. Health is definitely a good part of the Amarillo community. Leisure and recreation are another part of the Amarillo community. There is leisure and recreation for all ages. For children, there are parks and playgrounds along with a trampoline park. For teenagers, there is Wonderland Park and Cinergy, which has a movie theater, arcade games, bowling, laser tag, and so much more. And for adults, there are several bars around town and restaurants to hang out and socialize with friends. And on top of that Amarillo even has a mall. These are only some of the examples here in Amarillo, but there are many more to choose from. And last but not least, arts and culture is another prominent aspect of commonwealth seen in Amarillo. Amarillo College is well known for its art department. If you were to go to downtown Amarillo, you would notice there are murals on the side of buildings. Amarillo has taken the step to implement artists into the community. Not only are they allowing for murals to be created downtown, but there are also pieces of old art. For example, the Cadillac Ranch is an art installation where Cadillacs were half buried in the ground. This is special because people take spray paint and they make it their own. Everyone contributes to the art installation by spray painting them. Overall, Amarillo is a great city, and because of its size it’s easier to find the different aspects of commonwealth.

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