CommonWealth Exploration Jeff Miner

Water Cycle

Food Shed

CommonWealth is a vital thing for any community whether it be rural or urban. This is due to all the unique encounters that can happen between a community and the cohesion that brings us all together to make a happy community. Some things I see in my community whether it being in the urban side or the rural side that gives a sense of commonwealth is vastly different between the two. With the urban side, many people come together with cookouts or parties to bring a sense of community and love between each other. This enriches our community by making everyone feel together and open-hearted to each other and always willing to lend an open hand to help each other out. My exercise of walking around my community really opened my eyes to the rural side of my community. It shows how much of the environment around me is always being worked on and how much effort my neighbors put into working around the clock to make their farms be in tip-top shape to provide for their families. This gives me a sense of community out here as well since it provides an idea how no matter what anyone out here will help you out if you ever need an extra hand. This commonwealth practice really helped open my eyes to how the people around me in both areas will help out no matter what you need all you need to do is open your heart and ask to get their help.

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