Commonwealth Blog #3

Before doing this internship through Ogallala Commons I had never heard of commonwealth and the 12 key assets. As I was reading about this concept I could instantly pick out an example for each key asset in both my home town and where I’ve been going to college for the last three and a half years. What makes this blog assignment difficult for me is that my internship is in a small town that I’m quite unfamiliar with and since I don’t currently live in this town either I’m only ever at the hospital. Because of this I had to do some research online. The 12 key assets of commonwealth include: Education, Health, Leisure & Recreation, Spirituality, History, Sense of Place, Arts & Culture, Water Cycle, Wildlife & the Natural World, Soil & Mineral Cycle, Food shed, and, Renewable Energy. After a little research, I was able to learn more about this small community of Plainville, KS where I am currently doing my internship and am considering working and living after graduation. A few of the assets that I was able to identify were:

Education- Plainville is part of Unified School District 270 which includes Plainville Grade School and Plainville Jr/Sr High. Sacred Heart Grade school and the Plainville Memorial Library are also located in Plainville.

Health- The Rooks County Health Center is a fairly new addition to the community and is up to date with some great technology for this area. This is where I am doing my internship and all the staff there have been so welcoming and helpful from the very beginning.

Leisure & Recreation- While interning at Rooks County Health Center I’ve heard many of the staff talking about different activities they’re involved in around town such as mud volleyball, co-ed softball, along with many sports activities for children of all ages as well. Max Malin Memorial Ballpark is a multi-field baseball complex. Plainville City Park includes a playground, basketball court and swimming pool. Plainville Township Lake is located a half mile west of town. Fishing, picnics, and other outdoor recreation are popular activities. Rooks County Golf Course is a nine-hole, public course located 5 miles north of Plainville.

Food Shed- Plainville is a very Agricultural based community with many of the population being made up of farmers and ranchers.

Wildlife & the Natural World- Plainville is a small rural community out on the Kansas Plain and located just a short distance north of the Saline River. Wildlife is very abundant not only outside of city limits, wildlife of all sorts can be seen in town anywhere from deer to annoying racoons.  Because the hospital is north of town patients can often look right outside their window and see wildlife.

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