Commonwealth Assets Within My Community

Many of us do not even realize that we have 12 key assets that focus on the commonwealth of our community. All 12 key assets play there own special role within the community such as education. The resources to get an education are found at the school. Hart has two local schools, which is the elementary and high school, located right across the street from each other. The nearest library would be found in Dimmitt, about 15 minutes north west of Hart. However, just as my group mentioned at orientation, you can find education all around, such as at church, with your family, outside, and even within yourself, you are constantly learning and figuring out new things. Right next to the elementary school, there is a nurse’s office where not only Hart, but many surrounding communities come visit when they are feeling sick or are needing a dental checkup. The nurse’s office plays as the health key asset of commonwealth.

Hart is surrounded by crops, feedlots, and dairy’s. These resources act as some of the key assets of commonwealth, such as the soil and mineral cycle, foodshed, renewable energy for my community, and even sense of place. It is nothing but flat land around us, and when the summer comes around my community knows soon there will be a change in scenery with the corn crops growing. It is one of my favorite times of the year, just because I love coming home to the smell of fresh corn cooking. Hart has a total of six churches. Whichever church you choose to attend, is where you will find the resources for spirituality. Hart has one grocery store, two restaurants, and one convenient store, which is where you can get your food, known as leisure and recreation. I really never stopped and thought about the key assets of commonwealth within Hart. Although, now that I thought about it, I realized that in some way or other, all 12 assets are found somewhere within my community.

This is a picture of one of the many crops surrounding Hart. I walked from my house to the edge of the road to take this picture, that is how small and close the corn crops are. The corn seems a bit farther and shorter in my picture, but I promise it is much taller than it looks.
This sign is located right in front of Hart’s administration office. The elementary and high school is where we go to get our education resources in Hart.

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