Commonwealth Assets – North Central Kansas

For the Commonwealth Assets project, I went to Smith Center, Kansas to evaluate and review the assets in all twelve categories of commonwealth. I will go over a few of the categories that stood out to me. 

Ogallala Commons defines commonwealth as local and regional assets that can be enhanced, preserved, and invested in to generate more resources over a long-term period. What this means to me is connecting with and interacting with your local community. It is important to network with local businesses, make partnership with individuals you prosper by working with and treating hard work as an investment into your community. 

My internship is remote and I work In two different locations, Smith Center and Hays, Kansas. I choose to focus this project on Smith Center as it is in need of community development. This project showed me that these 12 areas of the Commonwealth are in need of young individuals investing their time and efforts into small communities. 

One area of commonwealth that is brought to my attention weekly is education. My mother works at Smith Center High School and comments often on the need for more advanced technology in the school system. I feel it could benefit the high school to meet with the administration and share my learned knowledge of computer coding to influence a new program in the high school to educate students on the possibility of remote work. 

Another area of of commonwealth that was brought to my attention was leisure and recreation. Smith Center has a few parks that are enjoyed by the public. Most of the equipment in the park is tailored for young children and park benchs for relaxing. I feel that the parks could use some areas that would benefit the 20-35 year old age group. Integrating some fitness areas that could be used by this age group would add some value to our community. I plan to meet with and discuss these possibilities with our local mayor and get his input. 

I plan to become more involved in my local community of Smith Center and Hays, Kansas. Doing so will help advance my community and allow me to network to further advance my career.

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