Commonwealth Assets: My Community

After completing the “Explore Your Community” exercise, I learned quite a bit about some of the parts of my community that I didn’t think about before that much.  After looking around my town and community, I noticed some of the Commonwealth Assets in the area.  One of the Commonwealth Assets that I noticed was the Water Cycle.  In our town, it seems to rain every once in a while. The rain is possible because water from certain areas evaporates, then condenses in the air, and finally precipitates towards the ground. For my job, we have two ponds that we have to regulate during the day. The purpose of these two ponds is to put groundwater back into the ground to replenish the water that was taken out in the past. We also put the water back into the ground so farmers can use it to irrigate their farms at a later time.

This is the location where the water is moved from the ditch to the pond,.

Another Commonwealth Asset that I discovered in the area was Renewable Resources.  While I was working, I remembered that some of our transmitters out in certain fields have solar panels on them. They use the solar panels to generate electricity so they are able to power the transmitter, and transmit the information to wherever it has to go. Even at our school, Swink High School, they use solar power. On top of our New Gym and our school, they have placed solar panels to gather solar radiation, and to create electricity. Our school uses this power to save money on electricity.

This is a solar panel that is connected to a transmitter.

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