Commonwealth Assets: Laynee Unterkircher

I live in a small town called Tulia in Texas. I never would have thought that my small community would have places for the twelve key assets of the Commonwealth. For example, for “Arts & Culture” we have Kenneth Wyatt Galleries where you can observe and purchase pieces of art. Another example of “Arts & Culture” is the local ceramic shop. For “History” my town has a museum that you can visit to learn about the past. 

In my town we also have a library where kids and adults can go to learn many new things which is why it falls under “Education”. Even though my town isn’t very big we have two gyms to improve physical health which is why it falls under “Health”. Another example of “Health” is the local Swisher Memorial Hospital and clinic. My town also has sixteen churches that represent “ Spirituality”.

In my town, we also have many community gardens which show “Soil & Mineral Cycle.” For “Leisure & Recreation” we have various playgrounds and parks that many people love spending time there. Also in my county, we have two solar panel farms for “Renewable Energy”. We also have many foxes, snakes, birds, and many more that fall under “Wildlife & Natural World”.Tulia also has a foodshed that has been serving my community for a year now called Joseph’s Warehouse where every person in town can get food from. 

I think this place is amazing and is a great example of the “Foodshed” of the key assets of the Commonwealth. In my town, we also have rivers, and ponds which show the “Water Cycle. Finally for “Sense of Place’ my community is also there for everyone by holding fundraisers and helping the community when needed. I never realized my little town of Tulia had so many things and I hope it continues to grow so it can have more.

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