Commonwealth Assets in Haxtun, Colorado

By: Hunter Donovan

Although small in size, the town of Haxtun, Colorado is not small in heart. Within this small town, hundreds of faces and opportunities lay and wait for those who will visit. At the heart of the city, you will be able to find countless examples of the “12 Key Assets of Commonwealth.” Although the town may be extremely small, there is no shortage of passion or unity. Although all 12 of these commonwealth assets are present within the framework of the town, I believe education, history, and foodshed are the main assets that make Haxtun, Colorado the town that it is.
To begin, “education” is huge in the community. Not only are there schools and educational facilities, but there are countless opportunities to learn and grow while embarking on journeys or simply undertaking a task for the community. In addition, the citizens of the town are always so willing to share wisdom or give advice to the youth. In addition, the leaders of the community pride themselves on teaching the youth about the importance of our town’s history. Haxtun also prides itself on teaching the youth about core values such as family, friendship, and the importance of hard work. This allows there to be unity and connection amongst all residents and visitors.

The next major commonwealth asset present in Haxtun is history. Although Haxtun stays up-to-date with major technological changes and advancements, the city prides itself on the fact that its history still shines through and is prevalent today. To begin, the school itself gives students countless opportunities to learn about their city and feel connected to where they reside. Not only that but numerous buildings and facilities within the town allow for visitors to learn more about the city and the history of each respective location. Haxtun also stays connected with the past by honoring those that came before us and by hosting an annual “Old Fashioned Saturday Night” each July. This allows for all residents to take a step back and admire the past and how far we have come while staying true to our community’s roots.
The last major asset of Haxtun is “foodshed.” As an agricultural community, the town prides itself on its annual harvest. In addition, young students have countless opportunities to learn about where their food comes from while being involved in FFA and ag classes. The town also hosts an annual “Corn Festival” where everyone gets to come together to celebrate another successful harvest.
These assets are extremely important to the community and those in it. It allows us to step back and reflect on where we came from and where we can go as we stay united and support one another. Not only do these assets contribute to the well-being of the town, but they also allow me to grow and feel connected to those I see on a daily basis. These assets also push me and make me the person that I am today. These assets work to improve my community by encouraging us all to be supportive and kind to one another as we embark on our own journeys. These assets also remind us that regardless of what we do, we will always have a place waiting for us in the small town of Haxtun, Colorado.

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