This summer I found myself in more than one “community”, I traveled back and forth from Lubbock, Texas (home) and Hart, Texas (home-town). When preparing for this blog I searched for commonwealth assets in both towns. Obviously Lubbock had more examples, but surprisingly I managed to find some good examples here in Hart Texas.

hart pavillion
Behold the Hart Centennial Pavilion, an example of Leisure and Recreation. Why ? For many years the Hart Pavilion has served as the base for many of community’s social opportunities. Every day the annual “Hart Days” is held and this serves as the area of main attraction. From the annual Miss Hart Pageant, and dance and many other social gatherings. During homecoming week the Pavilion serves as the tradition thursday night pep-rally so everyone can go out and show their spirit.

I listed the The Centennial Pavilion of Hart as an example of Leisure and recreation for several reasons. The pavilion has a beautiful garden and scenery that many in the community use a backdrop for photography as well as somewhere to go after a long day. Home-made wooden benches are provided to sit and enjoy the fresh air. Many groups such as the “Zumba Women’s class” did their nightly class out there. For the pavilion also holds a stage. In all the Pavilion serves as the center-piece for the small community in Hart. Friend’s go and meet there after school, citizens go out and enjoy the garden and fresh air. Hart is just one of those old towns with a lot of “Hart”

texas tech
Texas Tech University, my example for multiple things of common-wealth assets for the community of Lubbock.

Now, I know what you are thinking, does Tech really have to do with all my work ? Well the answer is yes, but for a good reason. Texas Tech University has helped grow Lubbock into the city it is today and will become. Through innovation, research, and opportunity Texas Tech is basis for the booming economy and opportunity for Lubbock. From education to health TTU is a key asset to this community.

Texas Tech is one of the best schools in the state of Texas, and many travel here to further their education and seek knowledge in their field of major. Being that I am considered a “Lubbock Local” I found this to be a great example for education. Through Tech and its research great things are happening in Lubbock, better methods of sustainability, developing of greenhouses, educating the community of new efficient ways of living, etc.

Annually Texas Tech holds multiple events for the community of Lubbock to come and partake in to better knowledge them of many ideas and methods.

Buddy Holly Center-Arts&Culture
Buddy Holly Center-Arts&Culture


When many think of Lubbock, Buddy Holly comes to mind. It is said The Beetles derived their name from “Buddy Holly and the Crickets”. I listed this as Arts & Culture because Lubbock has such a rich culture. “Buddy Holly Avenue” is filled of paintings cute shops and traces of Lubbock rich culture and past. Buddy Holly is a key point to this rich culture. Going downtown you get a fill of the expressions of people that inhabit Lubbock Texas and I feel like that is important to have a diverse community where you can express yourself.

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