Commonwealth Assets: Lubbock, TX

Lubbock Texas is rich with commonwealth resources. I will discuss three assets and examples of each from within my community.

Lubbock is overflowing with arts and culture. There is the over-arching “friendly southern culture” that encompasses our area. There are some Native American and many Mexican-Americans represented in our population. Their native cultures influence our locality via delicious food, music, holidays, art, language etc.   Lubbock is the home to Texas Tech University, so there is a cult-like presence of school spirit and university culture here. The International Center at Tech promotes the arts by housing ever-changing photography exhibits and competitions. They also celebrate international cultures through educational outreaches and community festivals.

first friday
In addition to Tech, there are a plethora of private and public art studios, music classrooms and performances, a variety of dance clubs and local businesses that support free-flowing ideas and the arts. The first Friday of every month, for example, is when many studios and food trucks open their doors (and windows) and invite the community to visit and mingle amongst great local artists, homemade food, and live music.
Another famous example is the Buddy Holly museum, which contains some of his great works.


Leisure and Recreation is an important part of any community, and Lubbock has a lot to offer. There are dozens of beautiful outdoor parks, many with ponds and wildlife.   There are also several areas where children can thrive and play outside at jungle gyms, baseball fields, tennis courts, walking paths, and the like. Road biking is a popular activity, as well as playing team sports.

There are state parks just outside the city which offer hiking, horseback riding, bike riding, camping and the possibility of seeing prairie dogs and wild buffalo. Again, Texas Tech has a large influence on this asset in Lubbock, because most locals enjoy cheering on the college sports teams and rallying together for annual “spirit” events.


Lastly, Lubbock offers a nice variety of options involving our local food shed. There are community gardens, farmers markets, and many small restaurants and cafes that are owned and run by local families. There’s an endless amount of delicious, homemade food in Lubbock. I especially enjoy the cheap and easily accessible Mexican food!

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - JULY 07: Customers line up to order food from the Hiyaaa! food truck during an Off the Grid "market" on July 7, 2014 in San Francisco, California. Popular San Francisco Bay Area food trucks are gathering at venues organzined by planning companies such Off the Grid that creates "markets" for food trucks for a nominal fee that is far less than fines that are often handed out to food trucks that operate on city streets without proper permits. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

In conclusion, Lubbock has a wealth of resources that we are all blessed to share, maintain, grow, and pass on to the next generation.

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