Commonwealth Assets

There are many different commonwealth assets in my community but a few that stick out to me in particular are health, spirituality, and education.  In my county, there is a doctor’s office and a hospital.  They are both located in the middle of the county.  I know that at least three of the five doctors there are home grown kids.  They grew up in the county and decided to return and give back to the community by providing excellent care and health services to people they love and know in their community.  When visiting, you are not just another patient; you are a familiar face that they personally know.

I am very fortunate to grow up where there are many different spirituality connections.  We have several churches in my community.  I have been attending Claytonville Baptist Church since before I was even born.  We have around an average of twenty to twenty-five members.  We truly are a family, we all know each other on a personal basis and keep in touch throughout the week.  One of the members was my babysitter from when I was six months old to six years old.  All the churches work together whenever possible to help the community.

Education is my particular favorite.  My high school graduating class had seventeen students.  We all knew each other very well and still keep in contact to this day.  Kress Independent School district has a total of 220 students Pre-K through twelfth grade.  In a small community like mine, the school is the heart of the community.  There is always a good crowd at every function no matter what it is.  I am excited and looking forward to becoming a part of that once I start student teaching in the fall.

Living in a small community, one positive aspect is everyone knows everyone and we all genuinely care for one another.  I would not trade a day to be anywhere else.  I love my small community and all the assets that are in it.




tulia hospitalClaytonville Baptist Church

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