Commonwealth Assets

By: Emily Gamble

The small town of Silverton carries most of the assets. The three most prominent to me are education, spirituality, and sense of place. Education is a big part of our community the whole town takes pride in the school and its doings. Not only is the school a big part of it everyone in the city is always willing to help you or teach you anything you need to know. Spirituality is probably the largest asset in Silverton. Silverton is a very church-oriented town and that can be shown by the 5 churches and different denominations.

The churches hold functions thought the year and support the community in all ways. Not only is the church aspect large Silverton ]s beauty and community are also very spiritual. NO everyone has the same beliefs but everyone can feel at home here it brings a sense of safety and stability that makes you feel spiritual in some way. Lastly, the one that stands out to me is sense of place. Feeling at home and where I belong is a big thing for me and without Silverton, I do not know where I would be. It has a way of making you feel at home no matter what. I do not really know what exactly does this if it is the people, the landscape, or the atmosphere but no matter what I feel that I belong and it is my sense of place. We do have some of the other assets however I do not think they are as prominent.

For health, we have the local clinic and EMS. Foodshed has all the fields and crops along with the food pantry and distribution. For renewable energy, we have wind towers that benefit the town. History is probably some of the more assessable ones. History can be shown by the restored buildings downtown, the jailhouse turned into a museum, and much more. Leisure and recreation is actually a big one that I forgot about. We hold town functions and get together frequently. as well as we always have the park and local lakes to relax and play at. The water cycle is one that has depleted over the years however we do have the local lake where all the city water comes from. As well as multiple rivers and creeks but they hardly have water anymore. We have some of the other assets as well however I cannot seem to think of them right now. To me, these pictures show some of the best parts of our assets.

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