Commonwealth Assets

Ogallala Commons has prompted me to look deeper into commonwealth assets and what it means for our small communities. There are 12 key commonwealth assets; foodshed, renewable energy, spirituality, education, health, leusure and recreation, history, sense of place, water cycle, arts and culture, wildlife and natural world, and soil and mineral cycle. These 12 key assets of commonwealth is the foundation to a community. In the rural community of Haxtun Colorado there are many examples of these 12 key assets. The most important being sense of place. The people of Haxtun truly do exhibt sense of place and it is shown every single day. Sense of place is described as the area people live in and the significance of said area in the eyes of the people. In Haxtun, the community holds an annual event that brings everyone closer together and to appreciate the small town we all love. Corn Fest really is the heart of Haxtun and is a perfect definition of sense of place. This annual festival is not the only great example of sense of place Haxtun offers, the high school sports teams take on a great representation as well. During the high school volleyball, football, and basketball games the stands at Haxtun High School are always reaching full capacity. The constant support that fills the town is for sure a sight to see. Flags that read “Haxtun Bulldogs” line the streets in support of the athletes. During the end of every season when the teams are in the running for a state championship, fire trucks, ambulances, and police cars escort the bus out of town with their lights and sirens blaring. Haxtun Colorado understands and exhibits this commonwealth asset in ways beyond compare.

Haxtun Track Team in front of the fire truck sending escorting them out of town for the State Track Meet.
The kickoff of Haxtun Corn Fest 2016.

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