Commonwealth Assets

The 12 keys assets of the Commonwealth include education, health, leisure & recreation, history, sense of place, water cycle, arts & culture, wildlife & natural world, soil & mineral cycle, food shed, renewable energy, and spirituality. 

In my community, we have a few examples of commonwealth assets such as education, spirituality, and leisure & recreation. 

Amarillo Independent School District

I am an intern for the R2O HP at West Texas A&M. We work with local partners in their communities to find solutions using local resources. We provide academic coaching for college entrance exams, assist in completing the Federal Financial Aid, and create networking and social events.

In the Amarillo Independent school District, they focus on student achievement, resource allocation, quality staff and stakeholder engagement. Using these core values allows us to ensure superior academic achievement for the students through evaluation, engagement, curriculum, and assessment in our community. This guides our decision making process, and helps determine outcomes. They offer more than 50 schools to serve students with scholarships, internships and other opportunities.

Throughout my internship, we provide social opportunities for students and adult learners. This allows us to create an infrastructure for resting, retreating, recreating, and savoring life in our region. In my community, we especially provide services for those seeking social opportunities. This allows us to engage and help with our community.

Gabriel and I at our internship

Through spirituality, we are able to create relationships, form connections and encourage individuals to connect spiritually and engage in self-discovery. There are plenty of resources in my community that can build your self-awareness and enhance relationships in your life. This can enlighten the residents attending spiritual retreats in Amarillo, Texas which embodies the soul of the city itself. 

All of these assets in my community focus on the commonwealth because this allows the foundation of careers being built and generates more long term resources in our local community. Together we can inherit or create wealth for our children and future generations.

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