Commonwealth Assets

Commonwealth is defined as the “foundation for building new careers and enterprise. Commonwealth consists of local and regional assets that can be enhanced, preserved, and invested in to generate more resources over a long term horizon.” In this exercise I used the Canyon area.  I saw several things that represent commonwealth in my community the main categories represented were education, history, and health. Education seems to be very well covered in any community in the United States. A major symbol of education in the Canyon area is West Texas A&M University (WTAMU).  WTAMU has enriched my community by providing an environment where people are able to further their education and expand their knowledge past a high school diploma. History is all over this part of the Texas Panhandle there are several historical markers and also a museum called the Panhandle Plains Historical Museum where people are able to go to learn about the history of the Texas Panhandle. There are several exhibits that show the history of the Texas Panhandle.  I feel like the Panhandle Plains Historical Museum has enriched many lives by giving an understanding of where the people of the Texas Panhandle started and their development over time. Health is addressed in the Canyon area by the presence of an urgent care center where people of the community can go to be seen for minor ailments like colds and sprained ankles. The presence of an urgent care center provided the community with a place to go within Canyon instead of having to drive to Amarillo to one of the emergency departments at either Northwest or BSA. TX-poi-panhandle-plains-historical-museum-af wt

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