Commonwealth Assets

Within my small hometown of Holyoke, CO, there are many commonwealth assets that are instilled within the heart of the town. As I strolled through my community I was able to recognize a multitude of commonwealth assets that community members may overlook or under-appreciate. One very recognizable and strong commonwealth asset of Holyoke is health. As Holyoke continues to grow and prosper, so does our community in emphasizing health. This asset enriches our community through providing facilities and services that aid to better the health of our community as a whole. Some great examples of health as a commonwealth asset in our community is our local gym and hospital — which has many departments ranging from physical therapy to chemotherapy and pharmaceutical services. Two other under recognized commonwealth assets are history and arts & culture. Holyoke is full of history which can be seen through our local museum and even through places like our local library. We also display arts & culture through our art gallery in downtown Holyoke. Another very strong commonwealth asset we have within our community is spirituality. Spirituality is BIG in our small town. It does not simply mean that we have churches and different practices but it is displayed within all of our small local businesses and within the students at Holyoke High School.

This exercise has changed my perspective on how much value a small town withholds. Larger cities attract more people due to aspects like pay and opportunity. However, in a small town like Holyoke you are able to make connections with more people in the community, and come together as a community. Opportunities in small communities are also more available. Overall, living in a small community like Holyoke, you get to truly see all the commonwealth assets that are displayed.

Phillips County museum gives visitors a look at county history – Sterling  Journal-Advocate
Holyoke museum
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Holyoke hospital

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