Commonwealth Assets!


I am back with another blog, it has been quite a while since I have posted so I will update you on some common wealth assets. Some common wealth assets I have learned is that, not everyone is that much different than others. Everyone is determined to do things they are truly interested in. I had recently finished giving an interview to a farmer in the Baca County area. He had been on a farm all his life and was raised to be committed to what he wanted to do. As time went on, his passion of having his own farm came true. This farmer had the dedication to pursue something he was very interested in and decided to make a living out of it, while helping others in his community. Having a business is one thing, but being able to help out people in your community is another. That common wealth is ranged around a couple of assets. Those assets are leisure and recreation, sense of place, and spirituality.

This farmer took an idea he was longing for and created it into a business where he can give back to his community and take that opportunity to make connections with the people he grew up with and made him the person he is today. There are many people around the world that long for many opportunities they have seen growing up, or have been very interested in certain jobs or businesses. Although some things may not work out the way people want it too, it is never too late to try to succeed in a business or aspect you are interested in. 

Yours Truly, Raelynn Sandoval

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