Commonwealth Assets

  Hi I’m Shadow varnado. I’ve lived in Pritchett Colorado since I was 5 years old, but it certainly hasn’t taken that long to realize what Pritchett’s most prevalent Commonwealth assets are. It would take any newcomer just a few days in town to realize that our community revolves around our school and church.

    If you arrived in town on most any weekday during the school year you would see a flurry of activity happening around our school from teachers and students alike showing up to school. Driving from towns around the county and from dirt roads coming into town. When the Four o’clock bell rings for school to get out that’s not the end of activity you’ll see at our school though. Many students participate in sports and you’ll see them practicing and you’ll see teachers staying there until late evening hours. Everyone, getting ready for the next day at our wonderful School.  

  Then Friday and Saturday hit and that usually means a ball game. You’re likely to see cars lined up around the block all directions from the school.  Our whole community coming together to support our student-athletes. This is most people’s favorite time to congregate; watch sports, and eat some good food at the concession stand.

      When Saturday night games are over that doesn’t mean an end to things happening around Pritchett.   Early Sunday morning you’ll see vehicles start to congregate around the church one block away from the school. Most of the same people you’d seen the night before you’ll see the morning after here at the church services. The children gather for Sunday School at 10 and the service for everyone will begin at 11.  Everyone loves this time of day, you can hear singing and coming from down the street. 

      Pritchett is a great place for anyone to move to and feel accepted into a community. It’s an easy thing to do, just take advantage of these great Commonwealth assets our community has to offer.

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