CommonWealth Assets

I never really realized the different kinds of CommonWealth Assets in my community until I started this internship. The assets we have in my community is Watershed, leisure and recreation, and education.

  The first key asset was watershed, we live in such a dry area that we don’t have a lot of water to waste. We get our water from the McKenzie Lake, so when it’s low on water, so is our town. We are starting to save water by turning off our water while brushing our teeth, using pivots to water cotton and wheat and take shorter showers to conserve water. 

The second key asset is our leisure and recreation. Since we are a small town we don’t have as many places to hang out, but we do have a few such as the cob, our local park, and the coffee shop. The cob is locked at the courthouse and is a place where teens go to hang out and have at night, the park is a great place to take your younger siblings so they can play and have fun, and lastly the coffee shop is a place to get coffee, tea, etc, and just hang out with friends.

The last key asset is our education. I have just recently graduated from Silverton High School, where I attended my whole life. This has been my second home since I was in Pre-K. Although we are a small school, it is a great place to get your education and make many friends. This school has taught me several things from school work to teamwork, things that have meant a lot and they’re things that I can take with me to College. We also have the Silverton Library that was built a few years ago, this is where you can check out books for homework or just to read.

This was taken at the back of the local Library where we do our
Summer Reading Sessions.
This is Silverton High School that is currently being renovated.

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