Commonwealth Assets

The most surprising examples of common wealth I discovered in my community were food shed, spirituality, and leisure and recreation. 

The foodshed in my community is really large, as there are many places you can get food. I live in a very small town and there are many places you can buy food. Our local grocery store carries many things and they have a pretty diverse food selection. THey have  chinese, jasaniese4, and several seafood selections. Our dollar store sells many snacks and you can also buy butter, milk, and ice cream. THe two gas stations in town sell snacks, milk, and ice cream. They also sell several diverse foods.

The spirituality in my town in not very diverse. Almost everyone is christian or worships god, If you worship someone else or have a different religion (for example; satanist or atheist) I wouldn’t recommend going around talking about it. THe church people of my town aren’t very welcoming to constructive criticism or any different opinions. My town is very accepting of whoever you love to who you are as a person.

Leisure and recreation in my town isn’t very big. We have three main places of hanging out. There is a public park, where friends go play basketball or babysit. We have the memorial park where people go for picnics and to feed fish. The last place is the “tunnel”. It’s a place over by the train tracks. There also isn’t very much things to do in my town besides those three places. We don’t a very teenage/hang out friendly community. 

(the pictures were taken at the city park)

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