Commonwealth Assets

My community has many different examples of commonwealth assets in which I interact. Through my community, I have been involved in many different aspects. Sense of place has been a big commonwealth asset to me. Rocky Ford, Colorado has been my home since birth and I feel a sense of pride for where I have grown up. I have been raised on a farm, so foodshed has been a rather large part of my life. Growing cantaloupe, watermelon, and various other crops has helped me become accustomed to the local foodshed in my community. Along with this, the soil and mineral cycle has tied into my life on the farm. Understanding the nutrients and minerals in the ground and how to replenish them has played a big part in growing crops. The water cycle has also been a major factor to farming. Getting enough water to grow crops can be difficult. Wildlife can be seen on my family farm, walking through the fields. It is an everyday occurrence that at least one wild animal is seen on the farm. For the arts and culture commonwealth asset, a school mascot was created after a watermelon. Growing watermelon has been apart of the town’s culture for so long that the “meloneer” was named after a watermelon mascot. A local golf course has solar panels that are used for renewable energy. This is important to my community so that less nonrenewable energy is used. Spirituality has been a rather large part of my life. Going to church every Sunday and interacting with the people in my church has shaped me into the person I am today. School has also been a large part of my life. The school that I attended had 100 kids in the high school. Getting to know everybody in my high school and make connections with each person has helped me grow my networking abilities. In Rocky Ford, there is not much to do for leisure and recreation. For leisure and recreation, many social outings include going to the local Sonic, driving around, and going to the park. Below are pictures of my church and high school.

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