commonwealth assets

My community is Texas Tech University, and Lubbock Texas. From reviewing the 12 key assets of a commonwealth, I could identify many examples of almost every asset. I will only go over my favorite ones, because those have defined my life in Lubbock the most.

Arts & Culture: First Friday Art Trail

Lubbock has a continually growing art community. From my first semester in the Fall of 2010 at Texas Tech University I started attending this monthly art event. The first Friday of every month, art shows are open around town and open on that Friday night to the public. The event is completely free and a trolley system transports attendants to the different locations. Since I have been here the event has grown immensely. They now have multiple new venues, as well as new activities, for example there is a new welding center as well as print press center that is open for public use. LHUCA has to be my favorite, which is the Louise Hopkins Underwood Center for the Arts which always has the largest and most diverse show each month, and is free to the public all year round.

LHUCA Art Museum
LHUCA Art Museum

Sense of Place: J&B Coffee Shop

One of the classes for my environmental degree program (for more explanation go to my Introduction blog post) we studied the meaning of place in communities. One space with the largest senses of place is the J&B coffee shop. One example of this is one that Iexperienced. One day I was at J&B doing research for Ogallala Commons and an older man sat next to me. I got up at one point and when I got back he asked “You working hard?” and that started a 30 minute conversation. I continued to see him at J&B and continued to have conversations with him every time. The coffee shop is in the middle of a neighborhood and very close to Texas Tech, the people that come through there is very diverse, from college student, to families, people needing to study or a concert in the backroom.

J&B Coffee Shop

Wildlife & the Natural World: Lubbock Lake Landmark

The LLL is a museum owned by Texas Tech University. It is a natural history site where many archeological excavations have taken place. It is also a natural preservation. The land is the most natural landscape of the South Plains. I worked there doing undergraduate research helping a graduate student identify the different plants around the property. The property was covered in different short grasses and wildflowers, one of my favorite spots in Lubbock because of its simple, natural beauty. More of my classes also took place here, studying the plants and birds in the area. The property is filled with burrowing owls, prairie dogs, and hundreds of birds.

Lubbock Lake Landmark
Lubbock Lake Landmark

Lubbock is a very thriving and diverse community. I have enjoyed my past 4 years here, but excited for my next adventures in Houston Texas.

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