Commonwealth Assets

Education: The most striking example of education in my community is the Swink Junior-Senior High School. With age grades ranging from kindergarten to twelfth grade, the school educates a vast student body on a variety of subject matters. 

Health: The Arkansas Valley Regional Medical Center is one of the biggest examples commonwealth assets I can think of when it comes to health. The hospital offers medical services to La Junta, Las Animas, Swink, Rocky Ford, and other surrounding communities within the area. With an abundance in professional staff and doctors, the Arkansas Valley Regional Medical Center has served the community greatly.

Leisure and Recreation: The La Junta City Park is one of the more popular places to relax and have fun in my community. Community events like the Labor Day Festival occur here because of the serene scenery and large landscape. From throwing a frisbee to reading a book, the La Junta City Park has a spot for everything.

Spirituality: La Junta’s Our Lady Of Guadalupe/ St. Patrick’s Parish has been the biggest source of spirituality in my life. Alongside an education through religion, the church offers good networking opportunities with good people from around the area.

Our Lady of Guadalupe / St. Patrick’s Parish in La Junta, CO

History: La Junta’s history runs deep, but the Dinosaur Tracks in Picketwire Canyon drawback to prehistoric times.

Sense of Place: It’s hard to tackle a significant landmark that defines the La Junta area because it is scarce of them, but the plains would be the next best thing to define the region.

Arts and Culture: The Koshare Indian Museum and Dancers is one of the more prominent examples of art and culture in my area.

Water Cycle: The agriculture of the Arkansas Valley is strongly dependent on the water cycle. Right now, the organization I work for is looking to convert surface water into groundwater without losing much of it to evaporation.

Wildlife and the Natural World: My region is very diverse in wildlife with deer, prairie dogs, coyotes, rabbits, and many other organisms.

Soil and Mineral Cycle: When it comes to the strengthening of the soil, the main example that comes to mind is fertilizer used to grow plants and crops in my area.

Foodshed: Watermelons and cantaloupes are two of the biggest grown items of produce in the area.

Renewable Energy: A lot of the buildings in my community use solar panels as an alternate method of energy.

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