Commonwealth Assets

Throughout the community of Nazareth, there are many different commonwealth key assets. For example, there is a school for education. The school goes above and beyond each year to make sure each student gets what they need to earn the proper education. Teachers have provided students with many objects/study tools to help them achieve their goals. Last year, every student in jr.high and high school had access to their own computer to do as needed. There were many online tasks, study games, and material that students were able to have access to. The school also purchased Smart Boards, another electronic device used to complete assignments and help students reach their full potential. Another example of a commonwealth key asset is the Nazareth family park. This park is considered as the historic part of town or wildlife and the natural world. The park includes a small plaque that has a little history about it and about the town. It is also a good place people can go visit, sit down, and have a nice talk with others at. The park is made up of many trees, bushes, flowers, benches to sit, and a running waterfall wheel.


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