Commonwealth Assets

Growing up in the town of Tulia for the majority of my life I had a few reoccurring ideas and themes of the events and people that made up my town. During the orientation to my internship I was presented the idea of the commonwealth; the many beliefs, ideas, and things that all make up my hometown. I realized I already had a pretty good idea of the things and ideas that encapsulate Tulia. In a rural town dependent mostly on farming and blue collar careers – weather seemed keenly more relevant than urban cities and slightly more important than just the small talk it’s usually equated to.

The water cycle and weather go hand in hand when discussing crop growth. That asset relates directly to the soil and mineral cycle. Wildlife and the natural world is another asset of the commonwealth with strong ties to the community. Even if your family doesn’t have a farm then chances are you know someone who does have one around the area. My own parents are heavily involved in the agriculture side of the wildlife and natural world asset through 4-H and FFA – both extra curricular groups which seek to educate and inform others about the importance and significance of Agriculture and community.

I’m glad I grew up in the panhandle and received an education on where exactly my food comes from and that the meat in the store doesn’t just magically appear there. It gave me a sense of place in my state and in my country.



Swisher Tire, a shining example of a local business employing blue collar workers who depend on the rural customer
pretty clouds and sunsets were always a normal part of living in my town

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