Commonwealth Assets

While being in Plainview, TX, for my internship for Todd Ag Consulting, I learned a lot about the community and the common wealth that is present inside the city as well as in the rural areas around town. Some common wealth assets that I mainly saw in my everyday interactions were the soil and mineral cycle, water supply, and food shed. These three assets were why many people settled in the town of Plainview. The soils are fertile with many great advantages for local farmers. They also have in many places a very good source of water for irrigating their crops. Along with those assets I noticed a few produce gardens around Plainview. I also noticed many local farmers selling produce around the city, furthermore I saw advertisements for local farmers markets. along with a heavy agriculture background throughout the town I noticed another very strong key asset which is education. Wayland Baptist University and South Plains College show the very important education asset that Plainview, Tx, has to offer. For being a town with a population of twenty thousand eight hundred and fifty nine, the town has many other assets to offer such as a spiritual asset with a religious university and many churches around the city.  another key asset that most towns do not have is healthcare, Plainview has an averaged size hospital along with doctors offices around town. I believe that working in around the Plainview area has opened my eyes on what some city’s do and do not have.



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